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The MrExcel Color Add-In

This Add-In solves two common problems:

Solution #1: If your company made extensive use of the 40 colors in Excel 2003, it is difficult to find those colors in Excel 2007/2010. Yes, 39 of the 40 colors are in the new 173-color More Colors dialog, but they are not in a contiguous location and are hard to find.

Solution #2: Back in Excel 2003, it was possible to tear the paint bucket color dropdown off the Formatting toolbar and to float it anywhere above your worksheet. Microsoft’s new hatred of floating toolbars makes this impossible in Excel 2007/2010.

To Learn More about the 'MrExcel Color Add-In' or to decide whether the Basic or the Deluxe version is the right version for you, visit the MrExcel Color Add-In Page Here [link will open in a new window]

Originally Released by MrExcel November, 2010



The MrExcel Grade Book Application

Sakai Grade Book Macro

On April 9th, 2012 the "Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast" [Episode #1541] featured the Sakai Grade Book System as well as a Macro that Bill 'MrExcel' Jelen developed to turn the Sakai .CSV file into a live Grade Book capable of accepting updates and adjusting grades accordingly.

For more information about this particular podcast 'mini-series' from MrExcel, visit the Grade Book Page. Here you will find links to the Podcasts [4 in all] as well as links to the Free Grade Book Application that Bill has made available Free of Charge.

Originally Released by MrExcel April, 2012



VLOOKUP Awesome Quick:From Your First VLOOKUP to Becoming a VLOOKUP Guru
by Bill 'MrExcel' Jelen

This Enhanced E-Publication was created exclusively for iPad - Read More...

  • 5 audio clips
  • 8 videos
  • 160 full-color screenshots

A First from MrExcel Labs, this Enhanced eBook is designed exclusively for the iPad. This e-publication Includes text, audio, and video; a media-rich and in-depth look at the Excel VLOOKUP by Bill Jelen. Click here to learn more about this Awesome! book.

Originally Released by MrExcel and Holy Macro! Books January, 2012







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